About Us:
Dikim Foundation was established in the year 1983 to bring support to all who needs them. Dikim Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Malaysia with registration number: 198301008937 (104188-V) .  The foundation is focused on creating a better life for the poor and  less privileged, in the areas of skill acquisition, family relief supports, SME's business empowerment.

The Foundation's projects are basically sponsored with grants from Malaysian Government, International Organizations and Individual Philanthropists. The goal of the Foundation is to empower and support SME's and Families by providing goods and services purchased with grants from the government, international organizations or individual philanthropists. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMAITON.

A World of Opportunity:
We envision a world whereby everybody would have pathway to better health care and business opportunities.

As a deeply collaborative organization, we have built an unrivaled network of local, national and international partners delivering access to the poor on;

⏵health/medical assist projects
⏵business/sme's empowerment programs
⏵skills acquisition training programs
⏵workshops and office equipping
⏵household appliances
⏵personal hygiene support
⏵children educational support
⏵cosmetics and personal wears support
⏵hospitality support projects
⏵and more...

We create thoughtful solutions and long-term change for some of the nation's most complex community health and economic problems.

We provide unparalleled leverage for funds by using donated grants, to acquire supplies and ensure that acquired products gets to those in need of them.

We have created a business support program for business oriented personnel that do not have wherewithal to acquire the basic requirements for their business or career goals.

Families/SME's Empowerment:
Through the assistance of our donors and investors, we procure diverse blends of products for various purposes and distribute either as free donations to the communities or with a repayment plan of about 4years for equipment.

Our donors and partners include corporate bodies, individuals and governmental organizations.

Get involved today:
You can get involved by becoming a donor, a partner or a voluntary worker.

When they ask us what we do:

We tell them we are creating a community where every human would be valuable and get a chance to contribute to a better new world. If we could get the poor and less privileged engaged in lucrative business activities today, the world would be safer and neater tomorrow.

Women Empowerment:

We have set up a running program to educate women of all age brackets and give them various basic assistance in developing and establishing their skills.

We train, we equip:

We train you to become a professional in your dream work, and we shall supply you with all the things you could require to start.

Looking for ways to make an impact­?

You can make an impact by donating funds, providing food products, investing on skill empowerment, providing training tools, providing us with accessories, etc.

Contact us with the below information, and we shall guide you accordingly based on your donation budget or choice products and accessories.
108C, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

E-mail contact@dikimfoundation.life

Tel: +60 1693 25148
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